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Louis of Lower Lorraine (c. 980 – after 1012) was the second of "Charles of Lorraine's three sons and the eldest by his second marriage to Adelaide, the daughter of a low-ranking vassal of "Hugh Capet.

Unlike his elder brother "Otto, who inherited their father's duchy of "Lower Lorraine, Louis went with his father to France, where Charles fought for the French throne. They both were imprisoned, through the perfidy of "Adalberon, Bishop of Laon, by Hugh at "Orléans in 991, when Louis was still a child. His father died in prison in or by 993, but Louis was released. It was asserted by "Ferdinand Lot that Louis's life after 995 or 1000 was completely unknown, but more recent research has shed some light upon it.

It was "William IV of Aquitaine who sheltered Louis afterwards, from 1005 until 1012. He opened the "Palace of Poitiers to him and treated him as royalty, regarding him as the true heir to the French throne. Louis even subscribed a charter of William's as Lodoici filii Karoli regis. Young Louis drifted, eventually to be utilised by "Robert II, Archbishop of Rouen, who was plotting against the Capetians. Louis was imprisoned again, permanently, this time at "Sens, where he died.


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