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""Railway station
Railway station
""Flag of Lyman
""Coat of arms of Lyman
Coat of arms
Coordinates: 48°59′7″N 37°48′40″E / 48.98528°N 37.81111°E / 48.98528; 37.81111"Coordinates: 48°59′7″N 37°48′40″E / 48.98528°N 37.81111°E / 48.98528; 37.81111
"Country  "Ukraine
"Oblast  "Donetsk Oblast
 • Total 22,509

Lyman ("Ukrainian: Лиман), formerly Krasnyi Lyman ("Ukrainian: Красний Лиман)[1] is a city in "Donetsk Oblast ("province) of "Ukraine. Administratively, it is incorporated as a "city of oblast significance. It also serves as the administrative center of "Lyman Raion, though it is not a part of the raion. Population: 22,509 (2013 est.)[2]; 28,172 (2001).



It was founded in the 17th century by "Cossacks as Liman (Lyman). In the course of the "administrative reform carried out in 1708 by Peter the Great, Liman was explicitly mentioned as one of the towns included to "Azov Governorate.[3][4] The town obtained the prefix Krasnyi (Red) in 1925.

In June 2014, the city was the scene of fighting during the "2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine.[5] On 5 June the town was liberated by Ukrainian troops from pro-Russian separatists.[6]

Following the 2015 "law on decommunization the city was renamed from Krasnyi Lyman to Lyman.[7] The new name was approved by the "Verkhovna Rada (the Ukrainian parliament) on 4 February 2016.[7]


As of the "2001 Ukrainian census:[8]



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