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The Mansholt Commission is the "European Commission that held office from 22 March 1972 to 5 January 1973. Its President was "Sicco Mansholt.



It was the successor to the "Malfatti Commission and was succeeded by the "Ortoli Commission. It oversaw the creation of the "European Monetary System on 24 April 1972 and the first "enlargement on 1 January 1973.[1]


The Mansholt Commission
Portfolio(s) Commissioner Member state Party affiliation
"President "Sicco Mansholt  "Netherlands "PvdA
"Vice President;
"Internal Market & "Energy
"Wilhelm Haferkamp  "West Germany "SPD
"Economic & Financial Affairs "Raymond Barre  "France "UDF
"Competition & "Regional Policy "Albert Borschette  "Luxembourg
"Social Affairs, "Transport & "Budget "Albert Coppé  "Belgium "CVP
"External Relations & "Trade "Ralf Dahrendorf  "West Germany "FDP
"Foreign Affairs & Development Aid "Jean-François Deniau  "France "UDF
"Agriculture Carlo Scarascia-Mugnozza  "Italy "DC
"Industrial Affairs & "Research "Altiero Spinelli  "Italy "PCI

Summary by political leanings[edit]

The colour of the row indicates the approximate political leaning of the office holder using the following scheme:

Affiliation No. of Commissioners
"Right leaning / "Conservative 2
"Liberal 3
"Left leaning / "Socialist 3
Unknown / "Independent 1


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