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The Mayer Authority was the second "High Authority of the "European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), between 1955 and 1958. Its president was "René Mayer of France.

There were three more High Authorities before the ECSC was merged with the "European Atomic Energy Community and the "European Economic Community in 1967 to become the "European Community.


There was a great deal of continuity with the Monnet Authority, in addition to René Mayer of France, as President, the Authority comprised;[1]

"Franz Etzel of Germany, First Vice-President (until he resigned on 28 October 1957

"Albert Coppé of Belgium, Second Vice-President

"Paul Finet of Belgium

"Dirk Spierenburg of Netherlands

"Léon Daum of France

Enzo Giacchero of Italy

Albert Wehrer of Luxembourg


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