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Medal "For the Return of Crimea"
Медаль «За возвращение Крыма»
""Medal For the Return of Crimea avers full2.png
Obverse of the medal
Awarded by the "Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
Country  "Russia
Type Campaign medal
Awarded for Service in Crimea during the "2014 Russian annexation
Campaign(s) "Russian military intervention in Ukraine
Established March 21, 2014[1]
First awarded March 24, 2014
Next (higher) Medal "For Labour Valour"
Next (lower) Medal "Mikhail Kalashnikov"
""Медаль «За возвращение Крыма» (лента).png
Ribbon of the medal

The Medal "For the Return of Crimea" ("Russian: Медаль «За возвращение Крыма») is a Russian campaign medal of the "Ministry of Defense of the "Russian Federation.[2] The existence of the awards was also confirmed by Yaroslav Roshchupkin, an employee of the Central Military press service.[3]

The medal was awarded to military and civilian personnel of the "Armed Forces of the Russian Federation for services and distinction displayed during the "Annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, the "March 16, 2014 Crimean status referendum, and the entry of Crimea into the "Russian Federation as the result of the referendum. The medal can also be awarded to other citizens of the Russian Federation and to foreign citizens for assistance in solving the tasks assigned to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation relating to these security measures taken in the Crimea.[4] Besides to troops it was also handed over to Chechen chief "Ramzan Kadyrov and Krasnodar Krai governor "Aleksandr Tkachyov, as well as the "Night Wolves Leader for "helping Crimeans to self-determinate".[5]

Reverse of the medal


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