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Minority Business Development Agency
Seal of the Minority Business Development Agency
Agency overview
Formed 1969; 49 years ago (1969)
Headquarters Washington, D.C.
Employees 50-100
Annual budget US$30 million (2009)
US$32 million ( est. 2010)
US$32 million (est. 2011)
US$34 million (est. 2017)
Agency executives
Parent agency "U.S. Department of Commerce
Website www.mbda.gov

The Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA) is an agency in the "United States Department of Commerce that promotes growth and competitiveness of the "United States' "minority-owned businesses, including "Hispanic and Latino American, "Asian Pacific American, "African American, and "Native American businesses.[1] The current National Director is Edith Jett McCloud.

MBDA's stated mission is to actively promote the growth and competitiveness of minority-owned businesses by providing access to capital, access to contracts and access to market opportunities - both domestic and global. The main feature of the organization and its site is to provide business consulting services to minority business owners.[2]

The agency's Fiscal Year 2017 budget is $34,000,000.



On March 5, 1969, President "Richard Nixon issued "Executive Order 11458, establishing the Office of Minority Business Enterprise. On October 13, 1971, President Nixon issued Executive Order 11625, which clarified MBDA's authority and expanded the scope of its operations.[3] In 1979, the agency was renamed the Minority Business Development Agency.


The National Director and National Deputy Director of the Minority Business Development Agency are appointed by the "President of the United States. The positions are each classified as a "Senior Executive Service (SES) level "political appointment. The National Director reports to the "Secretary of Commerce, who in turn reports to the President.

Picture Name Term[4] President(s)*
1 ""Thomas Roesner.jpg Roesner, ThomasThomas Roesner 1969 – 1970 "Richard Nixon;
2 ""Abraham Venable.jpg Venable, AbrahamAbraham Venable 1970 – 1971 "Richard Nixon;
3 ""John Jenkins Official Portrait.jpg Jenkins, JohnJohn Jenkins 1971 – 1973 "Richard Nixon
4 ""Alex Armendaris.jpeg Armendaris, AlexAlex Armendaris 1973 – 1977 "Richard Nixon;"Gerald Ford
5 ""Randolph Blackwell.jpg Blackwell, Randolph"Randolph Blackwell 1977 – 1979 "Jimmy Carter
6 ""Daniel Henson.jpg Henson, DanielDaniel Henson 1979 – 1980 "Jimmy Carter
7 60px Rivera, Victor M.Victor M. Rivera 1981 – 1983 "Ronald Reagan
8 ""James Richardson official portrait.jpg Richardson, JamesJames Richardson 1984 – 1989 "Ronald Reagan
9 ""Kenneth Bolton.jpg Bolton, KennethKenneth Bolton 1989 – 1990 "George H. W. Bush
10 ""Joe Lira.jpg Lira, JoeJoe Lira 1991 – 1993 "Bill Clinton
11 ""Michael Rogers official portrait.jpg Rogers, MichaelMichael Rogers 1994 – 1995 "Bill Clinton
12 ""Joan Parrot Fonseca.jpeg Parrot-Fonseca, JoanJoan Parrot-Fonseca 1995 – 1997 "Bill Clinton
13 ""Courtland Cox official portrait.jpg Cox, CourtlandCourtland Cox 1998 – 2001 "Bill Clinton
14 ""Ronald Langston official photo.jpg Langston, Ronald N.Ronald N. Langston 2001 – 2008 "George W. Bush
15 ""David Hinson official portrait (cropped).jpg Hinson, DavidDavid Hinson 2009 – 2014 "Barack Obama
16 ""Alejandra Y. Castillo official photo (cropped).jpg Castillo, Alejandra Y.Alejandra Y. Castillo 2014 – 2017 "Barack Obama
- ""Chris Garcia official photo.jpg Garcia, Christopher A."Christopher A. Garcia 2017 – 2018 (Acting) "Donald Trump
- McCloud, Edith JettEdith Jett McCloud 2017 – present

Ronald N. Langston, was appointed the MBDA National Director by "United States President "George W. Bush on March 19, 2001.

David A. Hinson was appointed the MBDA National Director by President "Barack Obama in July 2009.

Alejandra Y. Castillo was appointed the MBDA National Director by President "Barack Obama in 2014.

(left to right) MBDA Director Chris Garcia, President Donald Trump, and Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross in the Oval Office

"Christopher A. Garcia was appointed by the "President of the United States "Donald Trump as the National Deputy Director and Acting National Director of the MBDA in May 2017. He left the agency in February 2018.

Garcia is widely credited with saving the Agency from elimination["citation needed], which was cut in the President’s FY18 "Executive budget[5], but subsequently restored in the President’s FY19 budget - the only Federal agency to be restored after its proposed elimination.[6] In FY17, he led MBDA to a record-breaking year, reporting to "United States Congress and "Office of Management and Budget a total of $7.9 billion in contracts and investments facilitated for minority-owned businesses, and over 10,000 new jobs created. Garcia was also the only leader in the Agency’s history to bring minority business owners to the "Oval Office to be recognized by the President of the United States.[7]

National Minority Enterprise Development Week[edit]

President Trump with 2017 National MED Week Award Winners in the Oval Office

National Minority Enterprise Development Week, also known as National MED Week, is a special week in the month of October, observed in the "United States to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of the "minority business enterprise community.

President "Ronald Reagan first recognized National MED Week in 1983.[8] Each year, every "President of the United States officially recognizes National MED Week through a "Presidential Proclamation. The week is formally celebrated each year by the Minority Business Development Agency, a U.S. government agency housed within the U.S. "Department of Commerce. [9]

On October 20, 2017, "President "Donald Trump issued a proclamation which officially designated October 22 through October 28, 2017 as National Minority Enterprise Development Week.[10].[11][12][13]

On October 24, 2017, President "Donald Trump became the first "President of the United States to formally recognize minority-owned businesses in the "Oval Office during National MED Week, when he welcomed winners of the National MED Week Awards with Secretary of Commerce "Wilbur Ross and MBDA Acting National Director "Christopher A. Garcia. [14][15][16][17]


The Minority Business Development Agency holds an awards ceremony each year during National MED Week to recognize the contributions of minority-owned businesses in a variety of "industry categories.[18][19] These awards include:

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