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Moderate Dems Working Group was a "caucus of moderate "Democratic members of the "United States Senate. The group's goal is to work with the "Senate leadership and the "Obama "administration "to craft common-sense solutions to urgent national problems."[1] The group's members are "joined by a shared commitment to pursue pragmatic, "fiscally sustainable policies across a range of issues, such as "deficit containment, "health care reform, the "housing crisis, "educational reform, "energy policy and "climate change."[1]

The Moderate Dems Working Group was founded on March 18, 2009, and is led by Senators "Evan Bayh of "Indiana, "Tom Carper of "Delaware, and "Blanche Lincoln of "Arkansas. It has been described as the Senate version of the "New Democrat Coalition in the "House.[2] The coalition has received praise from "Democratic "Senate Majority Leader "Harry Reid,[1] but has been criticized by the left as simply being "political cover to Democratic senators representing "red or "purple states, making it harder for "Republicans to tie them to "liberal bogeymen."[2]



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