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More United
Founded 24 July 2016 (2016-07-24)
Headquarters "London[1]
Membership  (2016) Increase 70,000+[2]
"Ideology "Pro-Europeanism
"Political position "Centre

More United is a "cross-party "political movement in the United Kingdom. It describes itself as a "tech-driven political "startup" that supports candidates regardless of "party affiliation.[3] The movement advocates public service investment, democratic reform, a "green economy, tolerant society, and "co-operation with the EU. It has been "crowdfunding in the run-up to the "2017 general election and plans to deploy volunteers during the campaign.

More United takes its name from the "maiden speech delivered by "Jo Cox, a British MP who was "murdered in June 2016.



The movement says it will "support any candidate from any party which backs its principles:[4]


Following the result of the "2016 UK referendum on EU membership, in which the country voted to "withdraw from the "European Union, there was considerable media discussion concerning the future of the British "centre ground.[5][6] Press rumours of a split in the "Labour Party had occurred since "Jeremy Corbyn's election as "leader in "2015; this intensified after pro-EU members of his "shadow cabinet resigned in protest of his allegedly weak support for the "Remain campaign, leading to a "leadership challenge by "Owen Smith. The "Conservatives also faced the prospect of an ideological split, as some pro-EU Conservatives feared the potential consequences of "Andrea Leadsom defeating "Theresa May in the "leadership election;[5] Leadsom ultimately withdrew from the race, handing unopposed victory to May. "Paddy Ashdown, the former "leader of the "Liberal Democrats, wrote an article in "The Times accusing both parties of failing to provide reasonable solutions to the issues afflicting communities across Britain.[7]

On 24 July 2016, a cross-party group - led by Ashdown and others from across the political spectrum - launched More United.


"Richmond Park by-election, 2016

More United voted to support "Liberal Democrat candidate "Sarah Olney, who subsequently defeated the incumbent MP, "Zac Goldsmith, in December 2016.[8]

"2017 general election[edit]

On 23 November 2016, More United launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help support candidates. By 22 December, the campaign had raised £274,164.[9]

Candidates endorsed by More United
Candidate Seat Party Announced
Amna Ahmad "Sutton and Cheam "Liberal Democrats 4 May 2017[10]
"Rosena Allin-Khan "Tooting "Labour
Kelly-Marie Blundell "Lewes "Liberal Democrats
"Jack Dromey "Birmingham Erdington "Labour
"Liz Kendall "Leicester West "Labour
"Stephen Kinnock "Aberavon "Labour
"Clive Lewis "Norwich South "Labour
Vix Lowthian "Isle of Wight "Green
"Caroline Lucas "Brighton Pavilion "Green
"Ian Lucas "Wrexham "Labour
"Tessa Munt "Wells "Liberal Democrats
"Gareth Thomas "Harrow West "Labour
"Ruth Cadbury "Brentford and Isleworth "Labour 8 May 2017
Jane Dodds "Montgomeryshire "Liberal Democrats
"Andrew George "St Ives "Liberal Democrats
"Mark Hunter "Cheadle "Liberal Democrats
"Peter Kyle "Hove "Labour
"Norman Lamb "Norfolk North "Liberal Democrats
"Alison McGovern "Wirral South "Labour
"Ian Murray "Edinburgh South "Labour
"Anna Soubry "Broxtowe "Conservative
"Sophie Walker "Shipley "Women's Equality
"Jo Swinson "East Dunbartonshire "Liberal Democrats
"John Woodcock "Barrow and Furness "Labour


In addition to its founders, a number of prominent public figures have endorsed the movement's launch so far, with the following being listed as the organisation's Convenors:[11]

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