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"Original author(s) Michael Hipp, Oliver Fromme
Initial release before 1999
"Stable release
1.25.10 / March 5, 2018; 36 days ago (2018-03-05)[1]
Development status Active
Written in "C, "Assembly
"Operating system "Windows and "Linux (not "compiled)
"Type "Audio player
"License "GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1
Website mpg123.org

mpg123 is a "free and open-source "audio player. It supports "MPEG audio formats, including "MP3. It is a "console application, meaning that it has no "graphical user interface. Builds are only available for "Windows; "Linux users need to "compile mpg123 themselves.[2]

mpg123's "Assembly code is optimized with "SIMD "instructions to improve the performance of the "iDCT part of the MPEG decoding.

mpg123's decoding library, libmpg123 is used by "XMMS and "Audacious for MP3 playback and can be used in "Winamp via a "plugin.[3]



The last stable version (0.59r) produced by the original authors, Michael Hipp and Oliver Fromme, dated 19 June 1999, was licensed under a non-commercial, no-derivative "proprietary software license, although the source code was available. This also led to mpg321, a fork of the program.[4] The official development of mpg123 and its library, mpglib, had ceased for several years, and as some serious security holes emerged,[2][5] patches were submitted by third party developers for the "Debian and "Gentoo Linux packages, as well as the "FreeBSD ports collection.

In 2006, a new maintainer stepped up, reinstating work towards the release of a new official mpg123 package entirely under the "LGPL. Near the end of 2007, after several releases in the 0.6.x series that included all known security fixes, version 1.0 was released under the LGPL v2.1, with libmpg123 branded as a full-featured replacement for mpglib.

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