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"Original author(s) Todd Johnson
"Developer(s) Multi Edit Software, Inc
Initial release 1980s
"Stable release
11.04 / 2008; 10 years ago (2008)
"Operating system "Windows
"Type "Text editor
"License "Commercial "proprietary software
Website multieditsoftware.com

Multi-Edit is a commercial "text editor for "Microsoft Windows created in the 1980s by Todd Johnson. Multi Edit Software obtained ownership rights for the product in October 2002.[1] Multi-Edit contains tools for "programmers, including "macros, configurable "syntax highlighting, "code folding, file type conversions, project management, "regular expressions, three block highlight modes including column, stream and line modes, remote editing of files via "FTP and interfaces for "APIs or "command lines of choice["clarification needed]. The editor uses a "tabbed document interface and sessions can be saved.[2]

Multi-Edit was originally written in Pascal and was built to run in "MS-DOS and has since been ported to Windows. The most recent release is dated from 2008. No compatibility information for Windows versions after "Windows 7 is available from the product's web site.

HTML editing features include:[2]

Multi-Edit is a "shareware product. It can be evaluated for free for 30 days, after which the user must purchase a license to continue using the software.



Multi-Edit also has the following features:


Multi-Edit was developed by Todd M. Johnson as a source code editor, at a time when the only other popular source code editor for MS-DOS was "Brief.[3] As a DOS editor it offered features such as user-configurable syntax highlighting for language-specific color coding of keywords and symbols.[4] Even after the appearance of "integrated development environments in the mid-1990s, it remained popular for features such as its macro language, easy customization, and multiple language support.[5] As of 2011, it was one of the few surviving editors from the 1990s era when text editors were regarded as indispensable programming tools.[6]

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