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Municipio (Spanish: "[muniˈθipjo], Italian: "[muniˈtʃiːpjo]) and município (Portuguese: "[muniˈsipiu]) are "country subdivisions in "Italy and several "Hispanophone and "Lusophone nations, respectively. They are often translated as ""municipality". In the English language, a municipality often is defined as relating to a single city or town;[1] however, in Spanish, the term "municipio" may not mean a single city or town, but rather a jurisdiction housing several towns and cities, like a "township, "county, "borough or "civil parish.[2] The Italian term "municipalità" refers either to a single city or a group of cities and towns in a township,["citation needed] but the Portuguese use is almost entirely restricted to group of cities or towns like in a county, township and so forth.[3]


Country Term Detailed article Administered by Comment
 "Angola Município is used "Municipalities of Angola
 "Argentina Municipio is used "Municipalities of Argentina According to laws of the provinces
 "Bolivia Municipio is used "Municipalities of Bolivia Below the provinces
 "Brazil Município is used "Municipalities of Brazil Município with elected Prefeito (mayor) and Vereador (plural: Vereadores) (councilors)
 "Chile Comuna is used "Communes of Chile Municipalidad with elected "alcalde (mayor) and councilors
 "Colombia Municipio is used "Municipalities of Colombia Below departments
 "Costa Rica Municipalidad is used Municipalities of Costa Rica Coterminous with the "Cantones
 "Cuba Municipio is used "Municipalities of Cuba
 "Dominican Republic Municipio is used "Municipalities of the Dominican Republic "ayuntamiento (elected municipal council) and "síndico (mayor)
 "Ecuador Municipalidad is used Municipalities of Ecuador
 "El Salvador Municipio is used "Municipalities of El Salvador "Alcalde Below departments
 "Guatemala Municipio is used "Municipalities of Guatemala Municipalidad Below departments
 "Honduras Municipalidad is used "Municipalities of Honduras "Alcalde Below departments
 "Italy Municipalità (municipio is the comune hall, the building housing the government.)
"Municipio is also a station on the "Naples Metro.
"Municipalities of Italy Sometimes a subdivision of "comune[4]
 "Mexico Municipio is used "Municipalities of Mexico "Ayuntamiento, headed by a "municipal president Below states
 "Nicaragua Municipio is used "Municipalities of Nicaragua "Alcalde Below departments
 "Paraguay Municipalidad is used Municipalities of Paraguay
 "Peru Municipalidad is used "Municipalities of Peru
 "Philippines Municipalidad (Spanish), Munisipalidad, or Munisipyo ("Tagalog and "Cebuano) "Municipalities of the Philippines "alkalde (informal expression for mayor) and councilors (konsehal, a Spanish loanword in local languages) Below provinces
 "Portugal Município is used (also called concelho) "Municipalities of Portugal "Câmara Municipal (executive) and "Assembleia Municipal (legislative)
 "Puerto Rico Municipio is used "Municipalities of Puerto Rico "Alcalde and municipal "legislature
 "Spain Municipio is used[5] "Municipalities of Spain Ayuntamiento, headed by an alcalde or Presidente de la Corporación
 "Uruguay Municipio is used[6] "Municipalities of Uruguay Alcaldía (municipal council), headed by an alcalde
 "Venezuela Municipio is used "Municipalities of Venezuela Consejo Municipal (municipal council) with separately elected alcalde and independent comptroller Below state

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