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The music of the "Canary Islands reflects its cultural heritage. The islands used to be inhabited by the "Guanches which are related to "Berbers; they mixed with Spaniards, who live on the islands now. A variant of "Jota is popular, as is "Latin music, which has left its mark in the form of the "timple "guitar. There has been a strong connection with "Cuban music, Venezuelan, Puerto Rican, and other Caribbean countries both through commerce and migration.

Popular dances from the Canary Islands include:

Of these, the Isas, a local variation of "Jota, are the best-known and most characteristic of the Canary Islands. They are graceful music, with a lot of variation among islands. In some places, a captain leads the dance and organizes others in a chain as the dance grows more and more complex.

"Rondalla arrangements are very common. Instruments include charangas, "timples (similar to a "cavaquinho / "ukulele), "castanets, "panderetas, "lauds and "guitars. A peculiar ensemble in "El Hierro island is made of pito herreño players (a wooden transverse flute) and drums. Some ritual dances in "Tenerife island are led by a "tabor pipe player. Joyful music for carnival lies to a big extent on "brass bands and Latin American patterns.

Canary musicians[edit]

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