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Mwene Mbandu I Lyondthzi Kapova
21st King of the Mbunda people
""King Mwene Mbandu Lyondthzi Kapova I.jpg
Seated on his throne endowed in Mbunda Royal Insignia:
  • Mande: the end of a cowrie shell worn suspended from the neck, signifies royalty
  • Lukano: The royal bracelet
  • Mufuka wa Shefu: Eland's tail fly switch, signifiesg majesty and dignity
  • Litanda (Chitwamo): Small figurine, signifies the successor and continuity of chieftainship

Missing Mbunda Royal Insignia on the image:

  • Kalutambo (Mulamu wa Mwene): Chief's walking stick, signifies Authority
  • Mukwale: ceremonial double-edged sword, signifies power
  • Chimbuya: ceremonial ax; also a sign of power
  • Chilongo: Crown (headgear)
Reign 1800s - 1914
Predecessor Mwene Katavola II Musangu
Successor Mwene Kathzungo Shanda
Born Lyondthzi
Died 1914
Unknown (Abducted by Portuguese colonialists)
Burial ?
Issue Prince Mumbamba Lyondthzi, Prince Limbwambwa Kalyangu Lyondthzi, Prince Kalimbwe Lyondthzi, Prince Kameya Muyeji Lyondthzi
Full name
Mbandu Lyondthzi Kapova
Mbunda Mbandu
"House Kalyamba located in the valley of Lunjweva and Lwati rivers
"Dynasty Mbandu
Mother Vamwene Vukolo Ngimbu Kanchungwa

King Mwene Mbandu I Lyondthzi Kapova was the 21st monarch of the "Mbunda people in the southeast of present-day "Angola before the Portuguese colonization of the Mbunda territory at the beginning of the 20th century, specifically "Moxico.["citation needed] The prince played a significant role in the war against the "Chokwe.["citation needed] He took over the reins of the Mbunda Kingdom from his nephew King Mwene Katavola II Musangu.["citation needed]

Early life[edit]

Prince (Munamwene) Mbandu Lyondthzi Kapova was the son of Vamwene Vukolo Ngimbu Kanchungwa, one of the daughters of Vamwene Ngambo Lyambayi.

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