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The National Intelligence Co-ordinating Committee (NICOC) is the organisation responsible for co-ordinating the actions and activities of all of "South African "intelligence agencies, and collating the intelligence information received from them. It reports to Cabinet level via the "Minister of State Security, and is similar to the "British "Joint Intelligence Committee.


Role of the Committee[edit]

The functions of the National Intelligence Co-ordinating Committee, as outlined in the document in 2008 by the Ministerial Review Commission on Intelligence, are to:[1]

Committee Structure[2][edit]

The South African General Intelligence Laws Amendment Bill, 2011, sets out the structure of NICOC as:

Current status[edit]

On 3 September 2014, State Security Minister David Mahlobo announced that the Head of the National Intelligence Co-ordinating Committee Dennis Dlomo, appointed to the role in 2013, has been “redeployed” to the "Department of International Relations and Cooperation.[3]

Co-ordinators for Intelligence[edit]

The following people have held the position of Co-ordinator since the restructure of the South African intelligence services in 1994:


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