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In "Greek mythology, the Neikea["pronunciation?] ("Greek: Νείκεα; singular: Νεῖκος Neikos "quarrels") were goddesses of arguments. "Hesiod's "Theogony identifies them as children of "Eris (strife) through "parthenogenesis and siblings of "Ponos ("Hardship"), "Lethe ("Forgetfulness"), "Limos ("Starvation"), "Algae ("Pains"), "Hysminai ("Battles"), "Makhai ("Wars"), "Phonoi ("Murders"), "Androktasiai (Manslaughters"), Pseudea ("Lies"), Logoi ("Stories"), "Amphillogiai ("Disputes"), "Dysnomia ("Anarchy"), "Ate ("Ruin"), and "Horkos ("Oath").[1]


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