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""NewsWatch titles.png
Created by "BBC News
Presented by "Raymond Snoddy (2004–13)
"Samira Ahmed (2013–)
Country of origin "United Kingdom
Original language(s) "English
Location(s) Studio A, "Broadcasting House, "London
Editor(s) Rob Burley
Running time 10 minutes
Original network "BBC News/ "BBC One
Picture format "1080i ("16:9 "HDTV)
"576i ("16:9 "SDTV)
Original release 1 October 2004 (2004-10-01) – present
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Newswatch is a weekly "BBC television programme presented by "Samira Ahmed that provides a viewer and listener right-of-reply for "BBC News.[1] The programme was originally made in studio TC7 at "BBC Television Centre, however in January 2013, the show moved to "New Broadcasting House in central London.


The programme[edit]

The programme was launched in 2004 as a response to the "Hutton Inquiry, as part of an initiative to make BBC News more accountable.[2] The programme is broadcast on the "BBC News channel on Friday evenings at 7:45pm and Saturday mornings at 7:45am on "BBC One during "BBC Breakfast,[3] or viewed online.


The programme starts with the presenter introducing the main news story that viewers have complained about. After about six minutes, often including talking to the head of BBC News or someone responsible for the story, the next section of the programme is usually split between a few other news stories.


In January 2013, Samira Ahmed succeeded "Ray Snoddy as presenter of Newswatch. Snoddy had presented from the launch of the programme in 2004.

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