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"Developer(s) Kate Keahey, Tim Freeman, et al.
Initial release TP2.2 2009-01-09
Written in "Java, "Python
"Operating system "Linux
"Platform "Xen + "KVM
"Type "Cloud computing
"License "Apache License version 2

Nimbus is a toolkit that, once installed on a "cluster, provides an "infrastructure as a service "cloud to its client via "WSRF-based or "Amazon EC2 "WSDL "web service "APIs. Nimbus is "free and open-source software, subject to the requirements of the "Apache License, version 2.

Nimbus supports both the "hypervisors "Xen and "KVM and virtual machine schedulers "Portable Batch System and "Oracle Grid Engine. It allows deployment of self-configured virtual clusters via contextualization.[1] It is configurable with respect to scheduling, networking leases, and usage accounting.


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  1. ^ Keahey, K., Freeman, T. (2008). "Contextualization: Providing One-Click Virtual Clusters", 2008 Fourth IEEE International Conference on eScience, pp.301-308. "doi:10.1109/eScience.2008.82

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