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Батальйон імені Номана Челебіджіхана
"Crimean Tatar: Noman Çelebicihan Batalyonı
"Turkish: Numan Çelebicihan Taburu
Participant in the "Russian military intervention in Ukraine
""Прапор БНЧБХ НГУ.png
Active 18 September 2016—present
Headquarters  "Kherson Oblast
Area of operations "Kherson Oblast
Size 250+
560 (planned)
Part of ""Emblem of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.svg "State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

Noman Çelebicihan Battalion ("Ukrainian: Батальйон імені Номана Челебіджіхана, "Crimean Tatar: Noman Çelebicihan Batalyonı, "Turkish: Numan Çelebicihan Taburu) is a "Crimean Tatar "volunteer battalion named after "Noman Çelebicihan, the base of the battalion will be in "Kherson region bordering "Crimea.[1] Crimean Tatar battalion reportedly has received assistance from "Turkey.[2] The battalion is set to help the "State Border Guard Service of Ukraine in the region bordering Crimea.[3] The battalion emerged from participants in the 2015 activist-led blockade of Crimea that stopped Ukrainian cargo from reaching the Crimean peninsula.[4][5][3] The battalion is planned to include 560 people.[4]

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