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The two dark red states are almost always included, and the three striped states are usually considered part of the Northwestern United States as well.
"Seattle, the largest metropolitan area in the Northwest
"Portland, the second largest metropolitan area in the Northwest
"Boise, the third largest metropolitan area in the Northwest

The Northwestern United States is an informal geographic region of the "United States. The region consistently includes the states of "Oregon, "Washington, and "Idaho—and usually "Montana and "Wyoming. Some sources include "southeast Alaska in the Northwest. The related but distinct term ""Pacific Northwest" generally excludes areas from the Rockies eastward.

The Northwestern United States is a subportion of the "Western United States (which is, itself, even more ambiguous). In contrast, states included in the neighboring regions ("Southwestern United States and "Great Plains) and Utah are not simultaneously considered part of both regions.

Like the southwestern United States, the Northwest definition has moved westward over time. The current area includes the old "Oregon Territory (created in 1848–Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and areas in Montana west of the "Continental Divide).[1] The region is similar to "Federal Region X, which comprises Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska.

It is home to over 14.2 million citizens. Some of the fastest growing cities in this region and in the nation include Seattle, Spokane, Bellevue, Tacoma, Vancouver, Kennewick, Pasco, Yakima, Portland, Eugene, Salem, Boise, Missoula, and Billings.



As the "US' westward expansion, the country's "western border also shifted westward, and consequently, so did the location of the Northwestern and "Southwestern United States. In the early years of the United States, "newly colonized lands lying immediately west of the Allegheny Mountains were "detached from Virginia and given the name "Northwest Territory. During the decades that followed, the Northwest Territory covered much of the "Great Lakes region east of the Mississippi River.


"Köppen climate types in the Northwestern United States


Together, these states have a combined population of 14,273,965. The largest cities and metropolitan areas in the Northwest are:

Rank City State Population Metro Population
1 "Seattle "Washington 608,660 3,439,809
2 "Portland "Oregon 583,776 2,226,009
3 "Spokane "Washington 208,916 547,924
4 "Boise "Idaho 205,671 616,561
5 "Tacoma "Washington 198,397 3,439,809
6 "Vancouver "Washington 161,791 2,226,009
7 "Eugene "Oregon 156,185 351,715
8 "Salem "Oregon 154,637 390,738
9 "Bellevue "Washington 122,363 3,439,809
10 "Gresham "Oregon 105,594 2,226,009

The Northwestern states in presidential elections[edit]

Presidential electoral votes in the Northwestern States since 1952
Year Idaho Montana Oregon Washington Wyoming
"1952 "Eisenhower "Eisenhower "Eisenhower "Eisenhower "Eisenhower
"1956 "Eisenhower "Eisenhower "Eisenhower "Eisenhower "Eisenhower
"1960 "Nixon "Nixon "Nixon "Nixon "Nixon
"1964 "Johnson "Johnson "Johnson "Johnson "Johnson
"1968 "Nixon "Nixon "Nixon "Humphrey "Nixon
"1972 "Nixon "Nixon "Nixon "Nixon "Nixon
"1976 "Ford "Ford "Ford "Ford "Ford
"1980 "Reagan "Reagan "Reagan "Reagan "Reagan
"1984 "Reagan "Reagan "Reagan "Reagan "Reagan
"1988 "Bush "Bush "Dukakis "Dukakis "Bush
"1992 "Bush "Clinton "Clinton "Clinton "Bush
"1996 "Dole "Dole "Clinton "Clinton "Dole
"2000 "Bush "Bush "Gore "Gore "Bush
"2004 "Bush "Bush "Kerry "Kerry "Bush
"2008 "McCain "McCain "Obama "Obama "McCain
"2012 "Romney "Romney "Obama "Obama "Romney
"2016 "Trump "Trump "Clinton "Clinton "Trump


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