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Office of the Vice President
""Seal of the Vice President of the United States.svg
Agency overview
Formed 1939
Headquarters "Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Employees Approx 200
Agency executive
Parent agency "Federal government of the United States
Website Vice President Mike Pence

The Office of the Vice President includes personnel who directly support or advise the "Vice President of the United States. The Office is headed by the "Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States, currently "Nick Ayers[1]. The Office also provides staffing and support to the "Second Lady of the United States. It is primarily housed in the "Eisenhower Executive Office Building (containing the Vice President's ceremonial office)[2], with offices for the Vice President also in the "West Wing, the "U.S. Capitol and in the Vice President's "official residence.

Current staff[edit]

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