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Oleksandrivsk (Олександрівськ)
Aleksandrovsk (Александровск)
""Flag of Oleksandrivsk (Олександрівськ)
""Coat of arms of Oleksandrivsk (Олександрівськ)
Coat of arms
Country  "Ukraine
"Province "Luhansk Oblast
Municipality "Luhansk Municipality
Population (2013)
 • Total 6,635
"Climate "Dfa

Oleksandrivsk or Aleksandrovsk ("Ukrainian: Олекса́ндрівськ, "translit. Oleksandrivs'k "[ɔlɛˈksɑndriu̯sʲk]; "Russian: Алекса́ндровск "[ɐlʲɪˈksandrəfsk]) is a small city in "Luhansk Municipality, "Luhansk Oblast ("region) of "Ukraine. Population: 6,635 (2013 est.)[1].

On June 16, 2014, Ukrainian forces reportedly secured the town from "pro-Russian separatists.[2]["citation needed]


Native language as of the "Ukrainian Census of 2001:[3]



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"Coordinates: 48°35′N 39°11′E / 48.583°N 39.183°E / 48.583; 39.183

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