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"Kabsa is also known as machboos in the "Persian Gulf region.

The cuisine of "Oman is a mixture of several staples of Asian foods. Dishes are often based on "chicken, "fish, and "lamb, as well as the staple of "rice. Most Omani dishes tend to contain a rich mixture of "spices, "herbs, and "marinades.[1]

Omanis in a restaurant



Although Omani cuisine varies within different regions of "Oman, most dishes across the country have a staple of "curry, cooked "meat, "rice, and "vegetables.[2] Soups are also common and are usually made from "chicken, "lamb, and "vegetables (e.g., smoked "eggplant). The main meal is usually eaten in the middle of the day, while dinner is lighter.[3]



"Coffee is the national beverage, while "tea is drunk for hospitality. Other popular beverages include "laban (a kind of salty "buttermilk), yoghurt drinks, and "soft drinks.

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