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Onorato Caetani

Onorato Caetani (January 18, 1842 – September 2, 1917) was an "Italian politician from the noble "Caetani-family. He was born in "Rome, which was then part of the "Papal States. He was the 9th mayor of Rome from 1890 to 1892. He was minister of foreign affairs of the "Kingdom of Italy from March to July 1896. He died in Rome, "Italy.

Preceded by
Augusto Armellini
Mayor of Rome
Succeeded by
"Emanuele Ruspoli, 1st Prince of Poggio Suasa
Preceded by
"Alberto Blanc
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Italy
Succeeded by
"Emilio, marquis Visconti-Venosta


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