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""Geo microformat, detected on the Wikipedia page for Great Barr.
"Geo microformat, detected on the Wikipedia page for "Great Barr.
"Developer(s) Mike Kaply
"Stable release / July 31, 2010
"Operating system "Cross-platform
"Type "Firefox extension
Website Mike's Musings

Operator is an extension for the "Mozilla Firefox web browser.[1][2] It "parses[2] and acts upon a number of "microformats,[1][2][3] as well as validating them.[2]

Operator lets the user access microformats through a number of methods, all of which are optional: a "toolbar, a toolbar button, a "status bar icon, a "location bar icon, or a "sidebar.

It has native support for several microformats:

and is extensible,[5] in that users can add new actions for the included microformats, or specify additional microformat recognition.

Operator was written by Mike Kaply of "IBM.[6] It forms the basis for Firefox 3's microformats API,[5][7] allowing native support, but has no direct user interface, due to lack of consensus on the implementation in the "GUI.[5]

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