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OrangeScape Technologies Limited
"Privately held company
Industry "Cloud computing
Founded 2003
Headquarters "Chennai, India
Products Visual Paas, Kissflow
Number of employees
Website www.orangescape.com

OrangeScape is a software development company based in "Chennai, India. It was founded in 2003 with the vision of simplifying business application development.



Visual PaaS

OrangeScape's initial product was originally called Dimension. It was released as a cloud-based application in December 2008. In 2009, the new release was called OrangeScape Dimension. In 2012, the name was changed to Visual PaaS. Visual Paas uses a spreadsheet like development environment for creating business applications. The product was rewritten to run its development environment on the browser and to support cloud-oriented datastores such as "BigTable. The 3.0 version allowed applications developed on the Visual Paas development environment to be deployed on "Google App Engine.

Visual Paas has three major components: OrangeScape Studio, OrangeScape Enterprise, OrangeScape Cloud.[1]

OrangeScape Studio is a browser-based development environment.[2] It provides 4 design perspectives:

Applications developed using OrangeScape Studio can be deployed as on-premise applications using OrangeScape Enterprise or as a SaaS application using OrangeScape Cloud. OrangeScape Cloud uses GAE, offering a shared-everything or a shared-processing "multitenancy models. Shared-processing is achieved by deploying the application into different Google app engine accounts. OrangeScape Enterprise runs on JEE application servers and supports standard databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and IBM DB2.[3]


Kissflow is a human-centric workflow software platform. It is web-based application that allows business users to create and automate their own business applications.


The company makes business application development simpler by using spreadsheet and process design interface, so that domain experts and business analysts can build applications on their own.[4]


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