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The Ortoli Commission is the "European Commission that held office from 6 January 1973 to 5 January 1977. Its "President was "François-Xavier Ortoli.



It was the successor to the "Mansholt Commission and was succeeded by the "Jenkins Commission. It was the first Commission since the first "enlargement at the start of the year. It managed the extended Community during the instability of the "Yom Kippur war, the "1973 oil crisis and the "Turkish invasion of Cyprus.[1]


Portfolio(s) Commissioner Member state Party affiliation
"President "François-Xavier Ortoli  "France "Gaullist
"Development cooperation "Jean-François Deniau (resigned on 12th April 1973)  "France "UDF
"Development "Claude Cheysson  "France "Socialist Party
"Vice President;
"Social Affairs
"Patrick Hillery  "Ireland "Fianna Fáil
"Vice President;
"Economic and Finance, Credit and Investments
"Wilhelm Haferkamp  "West Germany "SPD
"Research, Science, "Education "Ralf Dahrendorf  "West Germany "FDP
"Competition "Albert Borschette  "Luxembourg
"Vice President;
"Taxation, "Energy
Henri François Simonet  "Belgium "PS
"Agriculture "Pierre Lardinois  "Netherlands "KVP
"Internal Market, "Customs Union Finn Olav Gundelach  "Denmark
"Vice President;
"External Relations
"Christopher Soames, Baron Soames  "United Kingdom "Conservative
"Regional Policy "George Thomson  "United Kingdom "Labour
"Industry and "Technology "Altiero Spinelli[2]  "Italy
"Vice President;
"Parliamentary Affairs, "Environmental Policy, "Transport
Carlo Scarascia-Mugnozza  "Italy

Summary by political leanings[edit]

The Ortoli Commission

The colour of the row indicates the approximate political leaning of the office holder using the following scheme:

Affiliation No. of Commissioners
"Right leaning / "Conservative 4
"Liberal 1
"Left leaning / "Socialist 6
Unknown / "Independent 3

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  2. ^ Replaced on July 13, 1976 by Cesidio Guazzaroni.

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