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Osama bin Laden was killed in Waziristan Haveli on 2 May 2011, shortly after 1 am local "time,[37] by a "United States special forces military unit.[38]

Encounters between the SEALs and the residents took place in the guest house, in the main building on the first floor where two adult males lived, and on the second and third floors where bin Laden lived with his family.[39][40]

The operation, code-named Operation Neptune Spear, was ordered by United States "President "Barack Obama and carried out in a U.S. "Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) operation by a team of "United States Navy SEALs from the "United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (informally known as DEVGRU or by its former name SEAL Team Six) of the "Joint Special Operations Command in conjunction with CIA operatives.[41][42] The raid on the compound was launched from Afghanistan.[43] After the raid, U.S. forces took bin Laden's body to "Afghanistan for identification, then buried it at sea within 24 hours of his death.[44]

After the event[edit]

Following the raid, the former hideout was placed under the security control of the Pakistan Police. Days after the raid, police allowed reporters and locals to approach the walls of the compound, but kept the doors sealed shut.[16] There was intense media interest in the architecture of the compound.[45] The construction included highly fortified walls made of concrete blocks with three gates, separating the building from the large courtyard and a garden planted with immature fruit trees in front of a collapsed wall.[46] The remains of the Navy SEALs' helicopter that crashed during the U.S. operation were later removed from the site with a tractor.[47]

Pakistan security agencies demolished the compound in February 2012[48] to prevent it from becoming a "sacred building for jihadis".[17][49][50][51][52][53][54] In February 2013, Pakistan announced plans to build a R265 million ($2.7m) "amusement park in the area, including the property of the former hideout.[55]

Local residents[edit]

Locals disclosed details about their interactions with the residents of the compound to an "AP journalist in Pakistan. A woman who distributed "polio vaccines to the compound said she saw expensive "SUVs parked inside. The men received the vaccine and instructed her to leave. A woman in her 70s said one of the men from the hideaway gave her a ride to the market in rainy weather. Her grandchildren played with the children living in the house, and received rabbits as presents. One farmer said, "People were skeptical in this neighbourhood about this place and these guys. They used to gossip, say they were "smugglers or "drug dealers. People would complain that even with such a big house they didn't invite the poor or distribute charity." Present at some neighbourhood funerals, two men from the compound were "tall, fair skinned and bearded" and self-identified as cousins from elsewhere in the region.[16] Neighbors said that if a child's ball went over the fence, the men in the compound did not return that ball; instead they paid the child 100–150 "Pakistani rupees (about US$1–1.50), many times the value of the ball.[56]

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