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""Overijse aerial photo A.jpg
""Flag of Overijse
""Coat of arms of Overijse
Coat of arms
""Overijse is located in Belgium
Location in Belgium
Location of Overijse in Flemish Brabant
Coordinates: 50°46′N 04°32′E / 50.767°N 4.533°E / 50.767; 4.533"Coordinates: 50°46′N 04°32′E / 50.767°N 4.533°E / 50.767; 4.533
Country "Belgium
"Community "Flemish Community
"Region "Flemish Region
"Province "Flemish Brabant
"Arrondissement "Halle-Vilvoorde
 • Mayor Inge Lenseclaes (OV 2002)
 • Governing party/ies OV 2002-"CD&V-"N-VA, "Open VLD,
 • Total 44.43 km2 (17.15 sq mi)
Population (1 January 2017)[1]
 • Total 25,024
 • Density 560/km2 (1,500/sq mi)
"Postal codes 3090
"Area codes 02, 016
Website www.overijse.be

Overijse (Dutch pronunciation: "[ˈoːvərɛi̯sə]) is a "municipality in the province of "Flemish Brabant, in "Flanders, "Belgium. The municipality comprises the town of Overijse, and the communities of Eizer, Maleizen, "Jezus-Eik, Tombeek and Terlanen. On December 31, 2008, Overijse had a total population of 24,410. The total area is 44.43 km² which gives a "population density of 549 inhabitants per km². Overijse is surrounded by an extensive woodlands (Zoniënwoud/Forêt de Soignes), with walk- and bicycle paths. The community is regarded as a very attractive area in which to live.

The official language is "Dutch. French-speaking residents who have migrated mainly from "Wallonia or "Brussels are represented by 8 members on the 27-seat local council. According to the 2008 census, Overijse was also home to 4,842 "expatriates including 1,236 Dutch, 766 British, 505 Germans, 375 Americans, 311 French and 295 Italian.[2]

Near Overijse there is a medium wave transmitter for the Belgian foreign radio service. Overijse has a traditional festival every year, held in August (Druivenfeesten). The festival commemorates the industry that shaped the area, namely cultivation of grapes ("Dutch druiven). In 2010 it is held from August 21–28.[3] The "Druivenkoers Overijse is a single-day "road bicycle race during the festival. The "Vlaamse Druivencross is a December "cyclo-cross classic race.

In 1952, Albert Lootvoet, a local brewer started brewing the now world-famous "Leffe beer according to its original recipe. The Leffe beers were brewed in Overijse from 1952 until 1977, when the "Artois breweries bought out the local brewer.


History of Overijse[edit]

Overijse draws its name from the nearby river, the IJse, that flows through the region. The oldest known name is Isca; the word is likely Celtic in origin, and translated means 'Water'. Overijse was the birthplace of the celebrated 16th century humanist "Justus Lipsius. He was a professor at "Leuven and was friends with the famous book printer and publisher "Plantin.


Overijse has several sights that sum up its history:

Twin towns[edit]


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