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""PageSpinner icon.jpg
"Developer(s) Optima-system
"Stable release
Written in "C
"Operating system "OS X
"Type "HTML editor
"License Proprietary
Website www.optima-system.com/pagespinner/

PageSpinner is a semi-"WYSIWYG "HTML editor for "OS X. It is developed by Optima Systems and released as "shareware, PageSpinner is "WorldScript compliant and uses the "WASTE text engine[1] and the "Carbon library. It was originally released for "Classic Mac OS but was ported to OS X shortly after that operating system's release. It was used by "Jeffrey Zeldman for 13 years before he switched to "TextMate.[2]

Version 4.0, released in 2002, introduced "multiple undo, double-byte input support, and "scroll wheel support on Mac OS X.[3] Version 4.6.3 was deemed "quirky and erratic" in 2006 by the reviewer for About This Particular Macintosh.[4]

Version 5 was released in 2010 and reviewed by "MacWorld UK, which faulted its appearance for being dated, and found its price to be high for the features it provided, but the reviewer was impressed with its multiple site support and integration with "Apache, OS X's standard web server.[5]

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