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"Europe's Catholic "patron saints.["who?]

The "Catholic Church venerates six "patron saints of "Europe.[1][2][3][4] The main patron saint is "Benedict of Nursia.[5] "Cyril and Methodius, "Bridget of Sweden, "Catherine of Siena and "Teresa Benedicta of the Cross are co-patrons.[6]

"Saint Hedwig of Poland could be somewhat indirectly considered a patron saint of parts of Europe. In 1997, Polish-born "Pope John Paul II canonised "Poland's 14th-century "queen regnant Jadwiga as Saint Hedwig, the patron saint of queens and of "European unification. From the time of her death, Jadwiga was venerated in Poland as a saint, having been buried in the "Wawel Cathedral. She has been considered a model of piety, constancy and faithfulness. Numerous stories and legends were told of her charity and devotion to God.[7]


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