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Paul Kuniholm
""Sculptor Paul Kuniholm Pauper Intervenes In Wearable Sculpture As Participant For Gigapixel Art Zoom October 2013..jpg
Paul Kuniholm Pauper intervenes in Wearable Sculpture as Participant for Gigapixel Art Zoom, October 2013
Residence "Sweden
"United States
Education "University Of Washington
Known for "Sculpture
Awards Seattle City Artist Grant
Tenth Northwest Biennial
"Storefronts Seattle
ESKFF Residency
Cultural Congress
Jönköping Residency
Flux Factory Artist Residency
AIR Taipei
"Artist Trust Grant

Paul Kuniholm[1] is a public artist[2] who creates "art[3] embodying "sculptural objects,[4] sculpture both fugitive and durable,[5] art using digital material, "wearable art[6] "intervention,[7] video[8] and various time-based artwork[9] that is exhibited in "museums[10] and other cultural venues[11] internationally.


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