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Перевальне — Перевальное
""Chatyr-Dag near Perevalne.
"Chatyr-Dag near Perevalne.
""Perevalne is located in Crimea
Location of Perevalne in Crimea
Coordinates: 44°50′34″N 34°19′21″E / 44.84278°N 34.32250°E / 44.84278; 34.32250"Coordinates: 44°50′34″N 34°19′21″E / 44.84278°N 34.32250°E / 44.84278; 34.32250
Country Disputed
 "Russia,  "Ukraine
"Republic "Crimea
"District "Simferopol Raion
"Council Dobre Village Council
Elevation[1] 438 m (1,437 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 3,660
"Time zone "MSK ("UTC+4)
"Postal code 97578
"Area code +380 652
Website http://rada.gov.ua/

Perevalne ("Ukrainian: Перевальне; "Russian: Перевальное ("Perevalnoye); "Crimean Tatar: Anğara, Ангъара) (until 1945, Angara) is a village in "Crimea, a disputed territory recognized by a majority of countries as part of "Ukraine but administered by "Russia as the "Republic of Crimea. The village of Perevalne is administered by the Dobre Village Council, which in turn is subordinate to Crimea's "Simferopol Raion ("district) authorities.[2]

Perevalnoye village and a garrison

According to the "2001 Ukrainian census, its population was 3,660.[2] The village is located in the middle of the "Crimean Mountains, next to the "Chatyr-Dag "massif. The "Simferopol—"Alushta—"Yalta highway runs through the village, as well as the "Crimean Trolleybus line, which has a stop in the settlement.

There is a garrison (воинская часть A-2320) in Pevevalne. Former Soviet trainning center for special forces. The Ukrainian 36th separate machanised coastal infantry brigade is located there and during the "Crimean crisis 2014 was surrounded by the Russian troops "without military rank insignia or cockade.[3][4][5]


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