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Producer Centre for Digital Philosophy at the "University of Western Ontario (Canada)
History 2009 to present
Cost Free
Disciplines Philosophy
Record depth Index and abstract
Format coverage journals, books, open access archives, and personal web pages
Geospatial coverage Worldwide

PhilPapers is an international, interactive academic database of "journal articles for professionals and students in "philosophy.[1] It is maintained by the Centre for Digital Philosophy at the "University of Western Ontario.

As of 2018, the general editors are David Bourget (ANU and University of London) and "David Chalmers (ANU).

PhilPapers receives financial support from other organizations, including a substantial grant in early 2009 from the "Joint Information Systems Committee in the United Kingdom.[2] The archive is praised for its comprehensiveness and organization,[3] and for its regular updates.[4] In addition to archiving papers, the editors engage in surveying academic philosophers.[5]

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