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Orpheus's life

Pimpleia ("Ancient Greek: Πιμπλεία) was a city in "Pieria in "Ancient Greece, located near "Dion and ancient "Leivithra at "Mount Olympus.[1] Pimpleia is described as a "κώμη" ("quarter, suburb") of "Dion by "Strabo.[2] The location of Pimpleia is possibly to be identified with the modern village of Agia Paraskevi near "Litochoron.[3]

It was renowned as the birthplace and early abode of "Orpheus.[4][5][6] Many springs and memorials dedicated to Orpheus and "Orphic cults.[7] "Cults of the "Muses were also celebrated,[8] under the epithet Pimpleids (Πιμπληίδες).[9]


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