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""Flag of Pisky
""Pisky is located in Donetsk Oblast
Location of Pisky within Ukraine
""Pisky is located in Ukraine
Pisky (Ukraine)
Coordinates: 48°3′44″N 37°40′30″E / 48.06222°N 37.67500°E / 48.06222; 37.67500"Coordinates: 48°3′44″N 37°40′30″E / 48.06222°N 37.67500°E / 48.06222; 37.67500
Country  "Ukraine
"Province "Donetsk Oblast
"District "Yasynuvata Raion
Elevation 189 m (620 ft)
Population ("2001 census)
 • Total 2,160
"Time zone EET ("UTC+2)
 • Summer ("DST) EEST ("UTC+3)
"Postal code 86053
"Area code +380 6236

Pisky ("Ukrainian: Піски; Russian: Пески) is a village in "Yasynuvata Raion ("district) in "Donetsk Oblast of eastern "Ukraine, at about 10 km "NW from the center of "Donetsk city and at about 2 km from the western border of "Donetsk airfield. The village is a former wealthy suburb of Donetsk.[1]

In the "War in Donbass the village switched hands many times (between pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainian forces).[2] Since 21 July 2014 the city is under control of the "Ukrainian army.[2] According to an eye witness the "Dnipro Battalion captured the settlement that day on its own initiative.[2] Commander of Dnipro Battalion's squadron 5 Volodymyr Shylov claims they then ignored orders to leave Pisky.[2] Since then the village comes under daily attack from the separatists.[2][3][4][5]

Pisky was one of the hotspots of the (September 2014 – January 2015) "Second Battle of Donetsk Airport.[3][6]

The conflict brought along both civilian and military casualties to the village that had a population of 2,000 before the War in Donbass.[7][8][9][10] In June 2015 only a dozen of the poorest civilians continued to live in Pisky, many of them shell-shocked and carrying injuries.[1] By then, the village lay in ruins.[1] On 27 August 2015 the village counted six residents – according to observers of the "OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine.[11] "BBC News correspondent "Fergal Keane reported on 8 February 2016 that 18 people lived in Pisky.[7]


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