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""Clockwise from top left: Battle of Bunker Hill, Death of Montgomery at Quebec, Battle of Cowpens, "Moonlight Battle"
The "American Revolutionary War began as a war between the "Kingdom of Great Britain and "thirteen united former British colonies on the "North American continent, and ended in a "global war between several European "great powers. The war was the culmination of the political "American Revolution and intellectual "American Enlightenment, whereby the colonists rejected the "right of the "Parliament of Great Britain to govern them "without representation. In 1775, revolutionaries gained "control of each of the thirteen colonial governments, set up an alliance called the "Second Continental Congress, and formed a "Continental Army. "Petitions to the king to intervene with the parliament on their behalf resulted in "Congress being declared traitors and the states in rebellion the following year. The Americans responded by formally "declaring their "independence as a new "nation, the "United States of America, claiming "sovereignty and rejecting any "allegiance to the British monarchy. In 1777 the Continentals "captured a British army, leading to "France entering the war on the side of the Americans in early 1778, and evening the military strength with Britain. "Spain and the "Dutch Republic – French allies – also went to war with Britain over the next two years.

Throughout the war, the British were able to use their naval superiority to capture and occupy coastal cities, but control of the countryside (where 90% of the population lived) largely eluded them due to their relatively small land army. French involvement proved decisive, with a French naval "victory in the Chesapeake leading to the surrender of a second British army at "Yorktown in 1781. In 1783, the "Treaty of Paris ended the war and recognized the sovereignty of the United States over the territory bounded by what is now Canada to the north, "Florida to the south, and the "Mississippi River to the west.

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""Percy Moran's depiction of the Battle of Bunker Hill
The "Battle of Bunker Hill took place on June 17, 1775 on "Breed's Hill, during the "Siege of Boston early in the "American Revolutionary War.

On June 13, the leaders of the besieging colonial forces learned that the British generals in "Boston were planning to occupy the unoccupied hills around Boston. In response to this intelligence, 1,200 colonial troops under the command of "William Prescott stealthily occupied Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill on the night of June 16–17, constructed an earthen "redoubt on Breed's Hill, and built lightly fortified lines across most of the "Charlestown Peninsula. The British mounted an attack against them the next day. After two of their assaults on the Colonial lines were repulsed with significant casualties, the British finally captured the positions on the third assault after the defenders in the redoubt ran out of ammunition. The Colonial forces retreated to Cambridge over Bunker Hill, suffering their most significant losses on Bunker Hill.

While the result was a victory for the British, they suffered their greatest losses of the entire war: over 800 wounded and 226 killed, including a notably large number of officers. Their immediate objective (the capture of Bunker Hill) was achieved, but did not significantly alter the state of siege. It also demonstrated that relatively inexperienced Colonial forces were willing and able to stand up to well-trained troops in a "pitched battle.

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""Holman, Cape St Vincent.jpg
The moonlight Battle off Cape St. Vincent
Credit: Ctrl-Z
The moonlight "Battle off Cape St Vincent, 16 January 1780 by Francis Holman, painted in "1780 shows the Santo Domingo exploding, with "Rodney's flagship

Selected biography

""Daniel Chester French's Minuteman was based on Isaac Davis
"Isaac Davis (February 23, 1745 – April 19, 1775) was a "gunsmith and a militia officer who commanded a "company of "Minutemen from "Acton, Massachusetts, during the first battle of the "American Revolutionary War. His company was selected to lead the advance on the "British Regulars during the "Battle of Concord because his men were entirely outfitted with "bayonets. During the charge on the "Old North Bridge, Davis was among the first killed and was the first American "officer to die in the war.

Davis is memorialized through the Isaac Davis Monument on the Acton Town Common. He was also the inspiration behind The Minute Man, the sculpture at the Old North Bridge by "Daniel Chester French. The sculpture, which French attempted to model after Isaac Davis, is now an iconic national symbol.

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""Drawing of the regimental uniform by Charles Lefferts
The "2nd Canadian Regiment, also known as Congress' Own or Hazen's Regiment, was authorized on January 20, 1776, and initially raised in the "province of Quebec for service with the "Continental Army under the command of Colonel "Moses Hazen. All or part of the regiment saw action at the "Staten Island, "Brandywine, "Germantown and the "Siege of Yorktown. Most of its non-combat time was spent in and around "New York City as part of the forces monitoring the British forces occupying that city. The regiment was disbanded on November 15, 1783 at "West Point, New York.

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