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Ethics (via "Latin ethica from the "Ancient Greek ἠθική [φιλοσοφία] "moral philosophy", from the "adjective of "ἤθος ēthos "custom, habit"), a major branch of philosophy, is the study of "values and "customs of a person or group. It in simplest terms is the philosophy on how to act. It covers the "analysis and employment of "concepts such as "right and "wrong, "good and evil, and "responsibility. It is divided into three primary areas: meta-ethics (the study of the concept of ethics), normative ethics (the study of how to determine ethical values), and applied ethics (the study of the use of ethical values).

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Environmental ethics is the part of "environmental philosophy which considers extending the tradional boundaries of ethics from solely including humans to including the non-human world. It exerts influence on a large range of disciplines including "law, "sociology, "theology, "economics, "ecology and "geography.

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""Jeremy Bentham by Henry William Pickersgill detail.jpg
Jeremy Bentham ("IPA: ['bεnθəm] or ['bεntəm]) (15 February 1748–6 June 1832) was an "English "jurist, "philosopher, and legal and "social reformer. He was the brother of "Samuel Bentham. He was a political radical, and a leading theorist in Anglo-American "philosophy of law. He is best known for his advocacy of "utilitarianism, for the concept of "animal rights,[1][2] and his opposition to the ideas of "natural law and "natural rights, with his oft-quoted statement that the idea of such laws and rights is "nonsense upon stilts."[3] He also influenced the development of "welfarism.[4] He is probably best known in popular society as the originator of the concept of the "panopticon.

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