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"Film is a term that encompasses individual motion pictures, the field of film as an art form, and the "motion picture industry. Films are produced by "recording images from the world with "cameras, or by creating images using "animation techniques or "special effects.

Film is an important "art form; films entertain, educate, enlighten, and inspire audiences. The visual elements of cinema need no "translation, giving the motion picture a universal power of communication. Films are also artifacts created by specific "cultures, which reflect those cultures, and in turn, affect them.

Traditional films are made up of a series of individual images called frames. When these images are shown rapidly in succession, a viewer has the illusion that motion is occurring. The viewer cannot see the flickering between "frames due to a combination of physiological and psychological effects. One is known as "persistence of vision—whereby the eye retains a visual image for a fraction of a second after the source has been removed. Viewers also perceive motion due to psychological effects called "beta movement and the "phi phenomenon.

The origin of the name "film" comes from the fact that "photographic film (also called "film stock) has historically been the primary "medium for recording and displaying motion pictures. Many other terms exist for an individual motion picture, including picture; picture show; photo-play; flick; and most commonly, movie. Additional terms for the field in general include the big screen; the silver screen; the cinema; and the movies.

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""Steve Carell played the role of Uncle Frank
"Little Miss Sunshine is a 2006 American "comedy-drama, and the film directorial debut of the husband-wife team of "Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris. The screenplay was written by first-time writer "Michael Arndt. It stars "Greg Kinnear, "Steve Carell, "Toni Collette, "Paul Dano, "Abigail Breslin, and "Alan Arkin, and was produced by Big Beach Films on a budget of "US$8 million. The film is a "road movie about a family's trip to a children's "beauty pageant, with a large portion focusing on events related to the family vehicle, a "Volkswagen T2 Microbus. Filming began on June 6, 2005 and took place over 30 days in "Arizona and "Southern California. The film premiered at the "Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2006, and its distribution rights were bought by "Fox Searchlight Pictures for one of the biggest deals made in the history of the festival. The film had its "limited release in the United States on July 26, 2006 and later expanded to a wider release starting on August 18, 2006. Little Miss Sunshine received generally positive reviews and had an international box office gross of $100.3 million. The film was nominated for four "Academy Awards, including "Best Picture, and won two: "Best Original Screenplay for Michael Arndt and "Best Supporting Actor for Alan Arkin. It also won the "Independent Spirit Award for Best Feature, and received multiple other awards and nominations.

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""Lillian Gish
Credit: Bain News Service

"Lillian Diana Gish (October 14, 1893 – February 27, 1993), was an "American stage, screen and television "actress whose film acting career spanned 75 years, from 1912 to 1987. She was a prominent film star of the 1910s and 1920s, particularly associated with the films of director "D.W. Griffith, including her leading role in Griffith's seminal "Birth of a Nation (1915).

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  • ...that the 1975 film "Tubby the Tuba marked the first time that "computers were used in the production of an animated feature?

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""Cillian Murphy in October 2005
"Cillian Murphy is an "Irish "film and "theatre "actor active since 1996. He is often noted by critics for chameleonic performances in diverse roles, as well as for his distinctive blue eyes. A native of "Cork, Murphy began his performing career as a "rock musician. After turning down a record deal, he made his professional acting debut in the play Disco Pigs. He went on to star in a number of Irish and "UK film and stage productions throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, first coming to international attention in 2003 as the hero in the "post-apocalyptic film "28 Days Later. Murphy's best known roles are as villains in two 2005 blockbusters: the "Scarecrow in "superhero film "Batman Begins, and Jackson Rippner in the "thriller "Red Eye. Next came two contrasting, widely acclaimed starring roles: his "Golden Globe Award-nominated performance as "transgender outcast "Kitten" in 2005's "Breakfast on Pluto and a turn as a 1920s Irish revolutionary in 2006 "Palme d'Or winner "The Wind That Shakes the Barley. 2007 saw Murphy on the "London stage in Love Song and onscreen in "science fiction film "Sunshine. Uncomfortable on the celebrity circuit, he customarily gives interviews about his work, but does not appear on television talk shows or discuss details of his private life with the press.

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""Woody Allen
"Woody Allen is an "American "film director, "writer, "actor, "jazz musician, "comedian and "playwright. He has "contributed to many projects as either the writer, director, actor, or a combination of the three. Allen has also written four plays for the stage, including writing sketches to the Broadway "revue "From A to Z, and the "Broadway productions "Don't Drink the Water (1966) and "Play It Again, Sam (1969). His first film was the 1965 comedy "What's New Pussycat?, which featured Allen as both writer and performer. His directorial debut was the 1966 film "What's Up, Tiger Lily?, in which a dramatic Japanese spy movie was re-dubbed in English with completely new, comic dialog. According to "Box Office Mojo, Allen's films have grossed a total of more than "$424 million, with an average of $12 million per film. In addition to works of fiction, Allen has appeared as himself in many documentaries and other works of non-fiction, including "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures, "Wild Man Blues, and "The Concert for New York City. He has also been the subject of and appeared in two documentaries about himself, To Woody Allen, From Europe with Love in 1980, and Woody Allen: A Life in Film in 2001. He also wrote for and contributed to a number of television series early in his career, including the "The Tonight Show as guest host. Currently, all of the films he directed for "United Artists and "Orion Pictures between 1969 and 1992 are owned by "Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, which acquired both studios in separate transactions.



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""Marlon Brando
The only reason I'm here is that I don't yet have the moral courage to turn down the money. [...] Still, movies do have the greatest potential. You can say important things to a lot of people.
"Marlon Brando, 1957

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