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"Library science and "information science are two closely related and often intersecting disciplines that deal primarily with the organization and retrieval of "information.

Library science is an "interdisciplinary "social science incorporating the "humanities, "law and "applied science and studying topics related to "libraries; the collection, organization and dissemination of information resources; and the "political economy of information. Library science has also historically included "archival science, although a conceptual distinction between libraries and "archives has evolved over time.

Amongst the varied topics of study that fall within library science: how information resources are organized to serve the needs of select user groups; how people interact with classification systems and technology; how information is acquired, evaluated and applied by people in and outside of libraries as well as cross-culturally; how people are trained and educated for careers in libraries; the "ethics that guide library service and organization; the legal status of libraries and information resources, and the applied science of "information technology used in "documentation and "records management. Library science is constantly evolving, incorporating new topics like "database management, "information architecture and "knowledge management.

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Information science (also referred to as information studies) is an "interdisciplinary science primarily concerned with the collection, "classification, manipulation, storage, "retrieval and dissemination of "information. Information science studies the application and usage of knowledge in "organizations, and the interaction between people, organizations and "information systems. It is often, though not exclusively, studied as a branch of "computer science or "informatics and is closely related to the "cognitive and "social sciences.

"...More about library science "More about information science...
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Selected article

""Scale of justice
In "law, "intellectual property (IP) is an "umbrella term for various legal "entitlements which attach to certain names, written and recorded media, and inventions. The holders of these legal entitlements are generally entitled to exercise various "exclusive rights in relation to the subject matter of the IP. The term intellectual property reflects the idea that this subject matter is the product of the "mind or the "intellect, though the term is a matter of some controversy.

Intellectual property laws and enforcement vary widely from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. There are inter-governmental efforts to "harmonise them through "international treaties such as the 1994 "World Trade Organization (WTO) "Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs), while other treaties may facilitate registration in more than one jurisdiction at a time. Enforcement of copyright, as well as disagreements over medical and software patents, have so far prevented the emergence of a cohesive international system.

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Selected quote

Classification, broadly defined, is the act of organizing the universe of knowledge into some systematic order. It has been considered the most fundamental activity of the human mind.
— "Lois Mai Chan, Cataloguing and Classification: An Introduction
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Selected biography

""Thomas Bodley
"Sir Thomas Bodley (March 2, 1545 – January 28, 1613), was an "English "diplomat and scholar, founder of the "Bodleian Library, "Oxford. He determined, he said, "to take his farewell of state employments and to set up his staff at the library door in Oxford." In 1598 his offer to restore the old library was accepted by the university. Bodley not only used his private fortune in this undertaking, but induced many of his friends to make valuable gifts of books. In 1611 he began its permanent endowment, and at his death, the greater part of his fortune was left to it.
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Did you know...

""Embassy Gulf Service Station

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In the news

  • March,2012, Muhammad Shahid Soroya elected as President Punjab University Library & Information Science Alumni Association (PULISAA) in Pakistan
  • September 21, 2011 - Library vendor "OverDrive, Inc. adds "Amazon Kindle compatible "E-books to public and school libraries, allowing library lending over Amazon's Whispernet technology.(OverDrive)

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Selected picture

""Powell Library
Image credit: "Destitute
Known for its "Romanesque architecture, which also incorporates elements of "Moorish and "Byzantine architecture, "Powell Library is the main undergraduate library at the "University of California, Los Angeles.
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Topics in library and information science

The following "outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to library science:

"Library science – study of issues related to "libraries and the information fields. This includes academic studies regarding how library resources are used and how people interact with library systems. The organization of knowledge for efficient retrieval of relevant information is also a major research goal of library science. Being interdisciplinary, it overlaps with "computer science, various "social sciences, "statistics, and systems analysis. It is also called "library and information science", abbreviated "LIS".

Essence of library science

Branches of library science

Types of library-science professionals

History of library science

"History of library science

Types of libraries

Specific libraries

Library resources

Information media

Types of publications

Catalogs and indexes

Information science

Organization of information

Electronic information storage and retrieval



"Scientometrics – studies quantitative aspects of science



Information and society

Library operations and management

"Library management

Research methods

Organizing and searching Wikipedia

Selection and acquisition of library materials



Other library services and processes

Politics of library science

Legal issues


Legal precedents

Social issues

Education and training

"Education for librarianship

Academic courses in library science

Professional organizations

Notable people in library science

See also

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