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The National Register of Historic Places Portal

The "National Register of Historic Places is the "United States' official list of historic sites worthy of preservation which was authorized under the "National Historic Preservation Act of 1966. There are "around 84,000 listings of individual properties (sites, buildings, structures, and objects) and historic districts. The districts include, in turn, about 1,000,000 buildings, sites and structures. The Register automatically includes "all 2,450 or so U.S. "National Historic Landmarks designated by the U.S. Secretary of the Interior as well as the approximately 300 historic areas that are National Monuments declared by the U.S. president or National Historic Sites or other "National Park Service areas authorized by the U.S. congress.

The National Register of Historic Places is primarily a tool to recognize the historical significance of a building, structure, object, site, or district. Listing in the National Register does not directly restrict private property owners from the use of their property. Some states, however, might have state or local laws that become effective when a place is listed on the National Register. In contrast, a local historic district often has enabling ordinances at the municipal level that restrict certain kinds of changes to properties and thereby encourages those changes that are sensitive to the historic character of an area.

Any individual can prepare a National Register nomination although historians and historic preservation consultants are often employed for this work. The nomination contains basic information on the type of significance embodied in the building, structure, object, district, or site. The "State Historic Preservation Office receives National Register nominations and supplies feedback to the individual preparing the nomination. A description of the various aspects of social history and commerce, architectural styles and ownership of the property is also part of the nomination.

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The Indiana Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument is a 284-feet tall "neoclassical "oolitic "limestone and "bronze "monument in the center of "Indianapolis (and "Marion County, Indiana). It was erected to honor "Hoosiers who were veterans of the "American Revolution, territorial conflicts that partially led up to the "War of 1812, the "Mexican–American War, and the "US Civil War. It was designed by German architect "Bruno Schmitz, and was completed in 1901. In addition to its external commemorative statuary and fountains, the basement of the monument is the "Colonel Eli Lilly Museum, a museum of "Indiana history during the "American Civil War. There is also an observation deck that can be reached by stairs for free or by elevator for a $1.00 charge.

The circle is the standard symbol of the city of Indianapolis, and the city's flag is an iconic representation of Monument Circle and the two streets (Meridian and Market) that feed into and out of it. One of Indy's recognizable nicknames, "the Circle City" comes from Monument Circle. At one time, it was illegal to build any building taller than the monument within Indianapolis city limits, although there are now many skyscrapers exceeding its size.

The poem America, Messiah of Nations was written by "James Whitcomb Riley for the dedication of the monument and was transformed into a march by "John Philip Sousa. Both Riley and Sousa performed the poem and march at the dedication ceremonies. "Learn more...

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""Bingham Copper Mine
Carr Fork Canyon as seen from "G" bridge, "Bingham Copper Mine, "Utah

Photo credit: Andreas Feininger, 1906-1999, photographer


""Ammi Burnham Young (by Cyrus Rogers, 1846).jpg
Ammi Burnham Young (June 19, 1798 - March 14, 1874) was an important 19th century American "architect whose commissions transitioned from the "Greek Revival to the "Neo-Renaissance styles. His "Second Vermont State House brought him fame and success, which eventually led him to become the first "Supervising Architect of the "U.S. Treasury Department. As federal architect, he was responsible for creating across the "United States numerous "custom houses, "post offices, "courthouses and "hospitals, many of which are today on the "National Register. His traditional architectural forms lent a sense of grandeur and permanence to the new country's institutions and communities. Young pioneered the use of "iron in construction. "Learn more...

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""2007 03 18 - Barnegat Lighthouse 1-5a.JPG
"Barnegat Lighthouse in "Barnegat Light, New Jersey

Photo credit: "Thisisbossi

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