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"Politics is the process and method of gaining or maintaining support for public or common action, the conduct of "decision-making for groups. Although it is usually applied to governments, political behavior is also observed in corporate, academic, religious, and other institutions. "Political science is the field devoted to studying political behavior and examining the acquisition and application of "power, or the ability to impose one's will on another. Its practitioners are known as political scientists. Political scientists look at "elections, public opinion, institutional activities (how "legislatures act, the relative importance of various sources of political power), the ideologies behind various politicians and interest groups, how politicians achieve and wield their influence, and so on.

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""A 2007 concert in Minsk hosted by the BRSM

The "Belarusian Republican Youth Union is an organized "youth group in the "Eastern European country of "Belarus. The goals of the BRSM are to promote "patriotism and to instill individual "moral values into the youth of Belarus, using activities such as camping, sporting events and visiting memorials. The organization, which was created by a merger of other youth groups in 2002, is the successor of the "Leninist Communist Youth League of the "Belorussian SSR. While it is only one of a few youth groups inside Belarus, it is the largest and receives much backing from the "Belarusian government. The BRSM has been accused of using methods of coercion and empty promises to recruit members and of being used as a "propaganda tool by the "Lukashenko Government.

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""British Columbia Parliament Buildings - Pano - HDR.jpg
Credit: "Ryan Bushby

Located in "Victoria, British Columbia, "Canada, and officially opened in 1898 with a 500 feet (150 m) long facade, central dome, two end pavilions, and a "gold-covered statue of "Captain George Vancouver, the "British Columbia Parliament Buildings are home to the "Legislative Assembly of British Columbia.

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""Rt. Hon. Edmund Burke

"Edmund Burke "PC (12 January ["NS] 1729– 9 July 1797) was an "Irish statesman, author, orator, political theorist and philosopher who, after moving to England, served for many years in the "House of Commons of Great Britain as a member of the "Whig party. He is mainly remembered for his support of the cause of the "American Revolutionaries, and for his later opposition to the "French Revolution. The latter led to his becoming the leading figure within the conservative faction of the "Whig party, which he dubbed the "Old Whigs", in opposition to the pro–French Revolution "New Whigs", led by "Charles James Fox. Burke was praised by both "conservatives and "liberals in the 19th century. Since the 20th century, he has generally been viewed as the philosophical founder of modern "Conservatism, as well as a representative of "classical liberalism.

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""Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.

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