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The Potamoi ("Greek: Ποταμοί, "rivers") are the gods of "rivers and streams of the earth in "Greek mythology.



The river gods were the sons of the great earth-encircling river "Oceanus and his wife "Tethys and the brothers of the "Oceanids.[1] They were also the fathers of the "Naiads.["citation needed] The river gods were depicted in one of three forms: a man-headed bull, a bull-headed man with the body of a serpent-like fish from the waist down, or as an arm resting upon an "amphora jug pouring water.["citation needed]

Notable river gods include:

List of potamoi[edit]

The following are the sons of Oceanus and Tethys:[6][7][8]

Name of River River-God Hesiod Ovid Apollodorus Plutarch Hyginus Pausanias Others Location Son of Oceanus and Tethys
"Achelous or Akheloios Aetolia
"Acheron Underworld and Thesprotia *presumably
Acis Changed into a river Sicily son of Pan and nymph Symaethis
Acragas ?["citation needed] Sicily
Aeas Epirus *
Aegaeus Apollonius Scheria (Corcyra) *
Aesar Strabo Tyrrhenia or Etruria *
"Aesepus Troad
"Almo Latium *
"Alpheus Arcadia
Amnisos Apollonius,


Crete *
"Amphrysos Thessaly *
"Anapos Nonnus Sicily *
Anauros ?["citation needed] Thessaly
Anigros Strabo Elis *
Apidanus Thessaly *
"Arar River named after Gallia Celtica (Celtic Gaul)
"Araxes River named after Armenia son of Pylus
Ardescus Thrace
Arnos Strabo Etruria *
"Ascanius Antoninus Mysia *
"Asopus Boeotia and Argos √ ; some accounts, son of Zeus and Eurynome or Poseidon and either Pero or Celusa
"Asterion Argos *
Axenus or "Axius Paeonia and Macedonia
Baphyras ?["citation needed] Pieria
"Borysthenes Antoninus Scythia *
"Brychon Lycophron Chersonnese *
Caicinus Bruttium *
"Caicus Teuthrania, Mysia
"Cayster Lydia *
"Cebren Parthenius Troad *
"Cephissus Phocis, Attica, Argos
Chremetes Nonnus Libya *
"Cladeus or Kladeos ?["citation needed] Elis *
"Clitumnus ?["citation needed] Umbria *
"Cocytus Oppian Underworld and Thesprotia *
Cratais ["citation needed] *
"Crinisus Virgil, Lycophron Sicily *
Cydnos Nonnus Cilicia *
Cytheros ?["citation needed] Elis *
Elisson ?["citation needed] Statius Achaea *
"Enipeus Thessaly *
Erasinus Argos *
"Eridanus Hyperborea, Attica
"Erymanthus Aelian Attica *
"Euphrates Assyria
"Eurotas √ River named after Laconia son of "Lelex and "Cleocharia or of Myles
"Evenus or Lycormas Aetolia √ ; some accounts, a mortal son of Ares and either Demodice or Stratonice who flung himself to the river Lycormas
"Ganges India *
"Granicus Troad
"Haliacmon Macedonia
Halys Apollonius, Valerius Flaccus Paphlygonia and Pontos *
"Hebrus Lucian Ciconia, Thrace *
Heptaporus Troad
"Hermus Lydia *
"Hydaspes Nonnus India √ ; son of "Thaumas and "Electra
"Ilissos Plato Attica *
Imbrasos Athenaeus Samos *
"Inachus Argos
"Indus India or Caria
Inopos Callimachus Delos *
"Ismenus Boeotia
Istrus or Ister Scythia
"Ladon Arcadia
Lamos Nonnus Cilicia or Boeotia
Marsyas River named after Phrygia a satyr; son of Hyagnis and either Olympus or Oeagrus
"Maeander Caria
Meles Hellanicus, Eugaeon Lydia *
Mincius Virgil Gallia, Italy *
Nestos or Nessus Bistonia, Thrace
"Nilus or Nile Egypt
"Numicius Latium, Italy *
Nymphaeus ?["citation needed] Quintus Smyrnaeus Bithynia and Paphlagonia
Orontes Syria
"Pactolus Nonnus Lydia *
Parthenius Paphlagonia
Phasis Colchis
"Phlegethon or Pyriphlegethon Virgil, Statius Underworld son of Cocytus
"Phyllis Apollonius Thynia, Anatolia *
"Peneus Thessaly
Pleistos Apollonius Phocis *
Porpax ?["citation needed] Sicily
Rhesus Troad
"Rhine Nonnus Iberia (Spain) *
Rhodius Troad
"Rhyndacus Nonnus Phrygia and Bithynia *
"Sangarius or Sagaris Phrygia
Satnioeis ?["citation needed] Homer Troad
"Scamander Troad
Selemnus ?["citation needed] Achaea
"Simoeis Troad
"Spercheus Malis
"Strymon Edonia, Thrace
Symaethus Sicily *
"Tanais Scythia
"Termessus Boeotia *
"Thermodon Pontos and Assyria
"Tiberinus Virgil Latium, Italy *
"Tigris Assyria
Titaressus ?["citation needed] Homer, Strabo, Seneca Thessaly
TOTAL 25 25 17

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