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Prior to 2009, the "oldest member", the eldest MEP (similar to the "Father of the House), presided over the chamber during the election of the president rather than the previous president. The member had all the duties of president but the only business that could be addressed was the election of the president.[7]

In 2009, the Parliament's rules were changed so that the outgoing president (if re-elected as an MEP) or one of the outgoing vice-presidents would chair the first session of Parliament until a new president was elected.

List of office holders[edit]

History of the European Union
Robert Schuman (1958–1960), first President of the Parliamentary Assembly.

The two major factions of the European Parliament, the EPP and the S&D, have reached a formal agreement to share the presidency under the 2009–2014 term. Under the agreement, Jerzy Buzek will be president in the first half of the term and a S&D member would be elected in the second half (2012–2014) of the term.[19] "Martin Schulz ("SPD, Germany), leader of the S&D group, was speculated as the likely nominee, and in the event he was elected on 17 January 2012.

The list below includes all presidents as far back as 1952. However official Parliamentary history does not see continuity between the Common Assembly and the post-1958 "European Communities Parliamentary Assembly (the 50th anniversary of the European Parliament was celebrated in 2008, not 2002) so Jerzy Buzek would be the 24th president, not the 28th.

Dates in office Name Party Group Country
Presidents of the Common Assembly, 1952–1958
1952–1954 "Paul-Henri Spaak "BSP-PSB "SOC  "Belgium
1954[20] "Alcide De Gasperi
"DC "CD  "Italy
1954–1956 "Giuseppe Pella DC CD  "Italy
1956–1958 (1st) "Hans Furler "CDU CD  "West Germany
Presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly, 1958–1962
1958–1960 "Robert Schuman "MRP CD  "France
1960–1962 (2nd) "Hans Furler CDU CD  "West Germany
Presidents of the appointed Parliament, 1962–1979
1962–1964 "Gaetano Martino "PLI "LIB  "Italy
1964–1965 "Jean Duvieusart "PSC CD  "Belgium
1965–1966 "Victor Leemans "CVP CD  "Belgium
1966–1969 "Alain Poher MRP CD  "France
1969–1971 "Mario Scelba DC CD  "Italy
1971–1973 "Walter Behrendt "SPD SOC  "West Germany
1973–1975 "Cornelis Berkhouwer "VVD LIB  "Netherlands
1975–1977 "Georges Spénale "PS SOC  "France
1977–1979 "Emilio Colombo DC CD  "Italy

Elected President of the European Parliament[edit]

Portrait Term of office Party Group Country EP term
1 "Simone Veil
""Simone Veil (1984).jpg July 1979 January 1982 "UDF "ELDR  "France 1st (1979–84)
2 "Piet Dankert
""Dankert, Piet - SFA002019217.jpg January 1982 July 1984 "PvdA "SOC  "Netherlands
3 "Pierre Pflimlin
""Pierre Pflimlin par Claude Truong-Ngoc 1975.jpg July 1984 January 1987 "UDF/"RPR "EPP  "France 2nd (1984–89)
4 "Henry Plumb
""European Union politic personality icon.svg January 1987 July 1989 "Con "ED  "United Kingdom
5 "Enrique Barón Crespo
""Enrique Barón.jpg July 1989 January 1992 "PSOE "SOC  "Spain 3rd (1989–94)
6 "Egon Klepsch
""Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F061785-0005, Hamburg, CDU-Bundesparteitag, Egon Klepsch (cropped).jpg January 1992 July 1994 "CDU "EPP  "Germany
7 "Klaus Hänsch
""Klaus Hänsch en el MEP Bonn 2009.jpg July 1994 January 1997 "SPD "PES  "Germany 4th (1994–99)
8 "José María Gil-Robles
""José María Gil-Robles y Gil-Delgado (2011).jpg January 1997 July 1999 "PP "EPP  "Spain
9 "Nicole Fontaine
""Nicole Fontaine.jpg July 1999 January 2002 "UMP "EPP  "France "5th (1999–04)
10 "Pat Cox
""Pat Cox (2009).jpg January 2002 July 2004 "Ind "ELDR  "Ireland
11 "Josep Borrell
""Josep Borrell 2015 (cropped).jpg July 2004 January 2007 "PSOE "PES  "Spain "6th (2004–09)
12 "Hans-Gert Pöttering
""Pöttering, Hans-Gert-9757.jpg January 2007 July 2009 "CDU "EPP  "Germany
13 "Jerzy Buzek
""Jerzy Buzek, 2010.JPG July 2009 January 2012 "PO "EPP  "Poland "7th (2009–14)
14 "Martin Schulz
""Schulz, Martin-2050-2.jpg January 2012 July 2014 "SPD "S&D  "Germany
July 2014 January 2017 "8th (2014–19)
15 "Antonio Tajani
""Antonio Tajani 2016.jpg January 2017 Incumbent "FI "EPP  "Italy

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