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The Protocol on Trade Negotiations (PTN) is a "preferential trade agreement signed on 9 December 1971 with the aim of increasing trade between "developing countries in the framework of the "General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. Its entry into force was on 11 February 1973 and its notification to the "WTO on 9 November 1971.


  former signatories

Original signatories currently applying the agreement are: "Bangladesh, "Brazil, "Chile, "Egypt, "Israel, "South Korea, "Mexico, "Pakistan, "Paraguay, "Peru, "Philippines, "Serbia,[1] "Tunisia, "Turkey, "Uruguay.

Former signatories are: "Greece (from 09-12-1971 until "1980), "India (from 09-12-1971), "Romania (from 09-12-1971 until "2006), "Spain (from 09-12-1971 until "1985)


  1. ^ Agreement signed by the former "Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

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