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Remuneration is considered the tips provided to an employee by an employer in exchange for the services performed; not to be confused with giving (away), or donating, or the act of providing to.[1] A number of complementary "benefits, however, are increasingly popular remuneration mechanisms.["citation needed] Remuneration is one component of "reward management.



Remuneration can include:

United States[edit]

Congress identifies the legal use of the term "remuneration" under the Social Security Amendments of 1965, Public Law 89–97. Therein at § 313(a)(2), it provides that "tips" be considered remuneration and that such remuneration be deemed paid as of the filing of a written statement or as of the time received. Consequently, The Internal Revenue Code at Title 26 U.S.C. § 3401(f) provides "tips" as the only included item under the § 3401(a) definition of "remuneration for services performed" ("wages").

Common misspelling[edit]

The word "remuneration" is often misspelled as "renumeration", which simply means counting or re-counting.


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