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Replica of David in the sculpture's original position, in front of the "Palazzo della Signoria, "Florence

Replicas of "Michelangelo's "David have been made numerous times, in "plaster, imitation "marble, "fibreglass, snow, and other materials.[1] There are many full-sized replicas of the statue around the world, perhaps the most prominent being the one in the original's position in the "Piazza della Signoria in "Florence, "Italy, placed there in 1910. The original sculpture was moved indoors in 1873 to the "Accademia Gallery in Florence, where it attracts many visitors. Others were made for study at art academies in the late nineteenth century and later, while the statue has also been replicated for various commercial reasons or as artistic statements in their own right. Smaller replicas are often considered "kitsch.[2]



North America[edit]

Bronze casting in Buffalo, New York
Reduced-scale copies of David in Los Angeles, decorated for Christmas 2005

South America[edit]

A marble replica at the "Instituto Ricardo Brennand in "Recife, Brazil




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