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Richard FitzJames
"Bishop of London
Appointed 5 June 1506
Term ended 15 January 1522
Predecessor "William Barons
Successor "Cuthbert Tunstall
Consecration 21 May 1497
Personal details
Died 15 January 1522
Denomination "Catholic Church
Previous post "Bishop of Rochester
"Bishop of Chichester
Coat of arms ""Richard FitzJames's coat of arms

Richard FitzJames (died 15 January 1522) was a medieval "Bishop of Rochester, "Bishop of Chichester and "Bishop of London.

FitzJames was "Vice-Chancellor of "Oxford University in 1481 and 1491.

FitzJames was nominated to the "see of Rochester on 2 January 1497 and consecrated on 21 May 1497. He was translated to the "see of Chichester on 29 November 1503.[1] He was translated from Chichester to the "see of London about 5 June 1506.[2]

The arms shown are those he used as Bishop of London. They were depicted in the ceiling of Old St Paul's Cathedral, London[3]

FitzJames died while Bishop of London on 15 January 1522.[4] During his life he had founded a school in "Somerset, now called "King's School Bruton.


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Academic offices
Preceded by
John Lane, William Sutton
"Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University
Succeeded by
Robert Wrangwais, William Sutton
Preceded by
John Gigur
"Warden of Merton College, Oxford
Succeeded by
Thomas Harper
Preceded by
"John Coldale
"Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University
Succeeded by
"John Coldale
"Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
"Thomas Savage
"Bishop of Rochester
Succeeded by
"John Fisher
Preceded by
"Edward Story
"Bishop of Chichester
Succeeded by
"Robert Sherburne
Preceded by
"William Barnes
"Bishop of London
Succeeded by
"Cuthbert Tunstall
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