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Roads are the main transport network in "Armenia. With an underdeveloped railway network, principally due to its difficult terrain, the road system is of vital importance for the development of the country. Its role is important both with national and international traffic.

The total length of the Armenian road network is 7,637 km (4,745 mi), 96.7% of which is asphalted. For every 1,000 km2 (390 sq mi) of national territory, there are 258 km (160 mi) of roads, which is a very low average for European standards.["citation needed]


Highways in Armenia[edit]

The first roads as we conceive them in a modern perception, appeared in Armenia in the 19th Century.

The main roads in the country are:

Regional roads[edit]

These roads are a level below M level roads, and connect main highways to communities across the country. There are 84 numbered roads of this class in the country. The letter by which these roads are numbered is "H". In total there are 1969 km roads of this class.[1]

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