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Major automobile roads in Belarus

Automobile roads in "Belarus are classified into several categories.


State-owned common access roads[edit]

The state-owned roads of common access are managed by the Belavtodor [1] department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus. They are classified into republican roads and local roads. Automobile roads may also be owned by persons, businesses, state enterprises, and military.

Motorway network[edit]

Belarus has an extensive system of 4-laned "dual carriageways and "expressways, currently in expansion. Currently they are:

Highway Route Length European road Notes
"M1 Border of Poland at "Brest – "Minsk to border with Russia (onto Moscow) 611 km (380 mi) "
(entire route)
Entrances to Dzerzhinsk, Pruzhany, Brest Airport, Brest, Kobryn
"M2 "Minsk – "Minsk International Airport 34 km (21 mi)
"M3 "Minsk – "Vitebsk 253 km (157 mi) Entrances to Lahoysk, ""Khatyn" memorial complex and Beshenkovichi
"M4 "Minsk – "Smilovichi – "Chervyen' – "Berezino – "Mogilev 182 km (113 mi) Entrance to Mogilev Airport
"M5 "Minsk – "Gomel 282 km (175 mi) "
(entire route)
Entrances to Bobruisk and Zhlobin
"M6 "Minsk – "Lida – "Hrodno to the border with Poland 262 km (163 mi) "
Entrances to Volozhin, Lida, Hrodna Airport and Grodno
"M7 "Minsk – Border with Lithuania at Kammeny Log 139 km (86 mi) "
(entire route)
Concurrent with M6 from Minsk to Volozhin; entrance to Volozhin
"M8 Border with Russia at Ezerische via "Vitebsk, "Orsha, "Mogilev, and "Gomel to border with Ukraine at Nowa Huta 456 km (283 mi) "
(entire route)
Entrances to Vitebsk Airport, Orsha, Kopysov, Shklov, Mogilev, Bykhov and Gomel
"M9 Ring road around "Minsk 56 km (35 mi) Entrance to pension
"M10 Border with Russia – "Gomel – "Kalinkavichy – "Pinsk – "Kobryn 526 km (327 mi) Entrances to Gomel, Petrikov, Zhitkovichi and Luninets
"M11 Border with Lithuania at Benyakoni – "Lida – "Slonim – intersection with P2 near Byten 186 km (116 mi) "
(entire route)
Entrance to "Radon" sanatorium
"M12 "Kobryn – border with Ukraine at Mokrany 55 km (34 mi) "
(entire route)
"M14 Outer ring road around "Minsk 160 km (99 mi) (planned)
47 km (29 mi) (in operation)
Vitebsk–Grodno section opened in 2015

Local roads[edit]


  1. ^ "Belavtodor" stands for Belorusskie Avtomobilnye Dorogi, or Belarusian Automobile Roads
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