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Diocese of Norwich
Dioecesis Norvicensis
""NorwichCT StPatricks-cropped.jpg
Cathedral of Saint Patrick in Norwich
Country "United States
Territory "Middlesex County, Connecticut, "New London County, Connecticut, "Windham County, Connecticut, "Tolland County, Connecticut, and "Fishers Island, New York.
"Ecclesiastical province "Hartford
Metropolitan "Leonard Paul Blair
"Coordinates 41°31′50″N 72°04′38″W / 41.53056°N 72.07722°W / 41.53056; -72.07722"Coordinates: 41°31′50″N 72°04′38″W / 41.53056°N 72.07722°W / 41.53056; -72.07722
- Catholics

228,520 (32.1%)
Denomination "Roman Catholic
Rite "Latin Rite
Established August 6, 1953
Cathedral "Cathedral of Saint Patrick
Patron saint "St. Anne
"St. Patrick
Current leadership
Pope "Francis
Bishop "Michael Richard Cote
""Diocese of Norwich map 1.png

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Norwich is a "Roman Catholic ecclesiastical territory or "diocese in "Connecticut and "New York. It was created on August 6, 1953 by "Pope Pius XII.

Its canonical territory consists of the "Connecticut counties of "Middlesex, "New London, "Windham and "Tolland. It also includes "Fishers Island, "N.Y. ("Suffolk County). From 1781, "Lebanon, just northwest of Norwich, is the place in which the Catholic "Mass was first celebrated, continuously and for a long period, within the limits of the "State of Connecticut."[1]



The list of bishop of the diocese and their terms of service:

  1. "Bernard Joseph Flanagan (1953–1959)
  2. "Vincent Joseph Hines (1959–1975)
  3. "Daniel Patrick Reilly (1975–1994)
  4. "Daniel Anthony Hart (1995–2003)
  5. "Michael Richard Cote (2003–present)

Priests of the Diocese who became bishops[edit]

The following men began their service as priests in Norwich before being appointed bishops elsewhere:

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  1. ^ Right Rev. Thomas S. Duggan, D.D., The Catholic Church in Connecticut, 1930, p.13-14

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